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DMI Foosball Tables

DMI Foosball Tables

While DMI is known for their comprehensive selection of game tables, DMI Foosball Tables demonstrate their commitment to excellent values in home recreation. They offer a variety of styles and prices, making it easy to find a table that suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a foosball table for your home, office, or business, DMI has you covered.

There are several desirable features you will find on select DMI Foosball Tables. Chrome finish rods not only look great, but their smooth surface creates low friction contact with the mounting. This results in less wear-and-tear on the table. Many of their foosball tables feature wood handles. Unlike plastic handles, wood feels nice, provides grip, and has a comfortable weight to it. For the thirsty player, some DMI foosball tables even include cup holders. That makes them perfect for parties and get-togethers! The most unique feature you find is their Goal Flex Technology. With Goal Flex, players can adjust the size of their goal electronically. This works because the goals are made from sophisticated motion sensing LEDs, rather than a standard goal. Players of different levels can compete together because more experienced players can adjust their goal to be quite large. For added challenge, two skilled players can make smaller goals.

DMI Sports Foosball Tables also have several styles available. Classic faux wood laminates offer a timeless look. These styles are perfect for kids and rec centers. They also have a more modern style available, with a dark grey body and chrome finished accents. These are perfect for bars or modern homes. Almost each foosball table has a traditional abacus scoring unit. These are simple, easy to use, and do not need power, unlike electronic units. They may seem old fashioned, but they are really practical.

If you are looking for a great value and reliable construction, DMI Sports Foosball Tables has a lot of features and styles to offer.