Slick Like Ice: How to Wax a Shuffleboard Table

The waxing of the shuffleboard is an important aspect of playing the game. This is because a badly waxed shuffleboard can cause you to make a mistake when aiming which can affect speed of the puck and the results of your movements. When sliding a puck on the table, the quality of the surface determines the speed and direction of the puck as much as the skill in shooting it.

shuffleboard pucks

Before a shuffleboard can be waxed, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Shuffleboard Tables can either be coated with a polymer or have a plain lacquer surface. The lacquer surface should be cleaned once a week, while the lacquered surface can be cleaned less frequently.


To clean the shuffleboard surface you can use either a soft towel or a shuffleboard brush. The trick is to push away the existing wax from the surface. Once this is done, you can use an all purpose spray or a glass cleaner to remove all the dirt. The spray should be spread evenly on the surface before being wiped away.

Silicone Spray

Once the table has been cleaned completely, you are ready to spray it with silicone. Ensure that the silicone spray you use is meant for shuffleboards. This is because other silicone sprays can be very slick and/or damage the surface of the board.

Use sweeping motions of your arm, ensuring that it moves in the same direction throughout the table and spreads the silicone evenly across it. Let the spray sit for a couple of minutes and gently mop up the excess using a soft cloth.


Once the silicone spray has been applied, the shuffleboard needs to be waxed. The wax used is called by various names – cheese, powder, dust, and so on. It comes in two colors – yellow and brown. The choice of colors depends on the speed you want imparted to the shuffleboard. It is essentially a mix of silicone and cornmeal.
Again, the trick to ensuring a smooth and ice like surface for your shuffleboard is in spreading the wax. Use gentle sweeping motions of your arm in the same direction to ensure that the entire surface is covered with the wax powder. The wax powder should cover your shuffleboard evenly and lightly to ensure that the puck moves smoothly and in the direction you want it to.

Those who want to keep their shuffleboard surface smooth and slick should use arm movements in the same direction each time they clean and wax it. This will ensure that the surface lasts longer and remains in the best condition.

To master the game of shuffleboard you need to learn about every aspect of it. This includes cleaning and waxing the board like a professional. The time and effort spent in waxing your shuffleboard will pay off by enabling you to have complete control over the puck as you shoot it. When the surface of the board is waxed and made as slick as ice, the puck will not be diverted but travel straight to the intended location you want it to.