USAA Sanctioned Air Hockey Tables

Professional air hockey players know that playing on regulation a regulation table is key to building and maintaining skills. United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) sanctioned tables truly set themselves apart as tournament style tables in quality, size, and materials used. While typically used for tournament play or placement in establishments, dedicated enthusiasts can also find the perfect USAA sanctioned table using our guide.

Officially Sanctioned Tables

The US Air-Hockey Association has extremely high standards for sanctioned equipment. As of 2018, there are only thirteen air hockey tables that are officially sanctioned by the USAA for tournament usage. All USAA sanctioned air hockey tables have a seal of approval on them from the USAA.

For the past 35 years, only the highest quality tables have met the requirements.  Only these thirteen tables meet all USAA requirements for professional and tournament play.

  • Brunswick Blue Top
  • Dynamo Brown Top
  • Dynamo Blue Top
  • Dynamo Purple Top
  • Dynamo Photon ( Ice-Blue Top) with Centerline
  • Dynamo Prostyle
  • Dynamo Best Shot
  • Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro
  • Gold Standard Games Professional
  • Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro Elite
  • Gold Standard Games Elite
  • Gold Standard Games Premium
  • Gold Standard Games Gold Flare

You can view our top picks of USAA sanctioned tables here.

What to Look For

  • Table Size

Regulation Size air hockey tables must be eight feet long by 4 feet wide.

  • Lighting

If you choose a table with overhead lighting, be sure that it can either be turned off or adjusted. Tournament lighting must be white.

A large puck will stay on the table better, even with hearty game play. Look for filled pucks for even more staying power. Small puck tables are best for kids’ home tables.

  • Powerful Motor for the best air flow.
  • Quality Materials

The rink wall should be made out of high-density aluminum or nylon for the best bounce and bankability.

  • Heavy-duty construction in cabinet and legs for longevity.
  • Wear-resistant playfield covered in durable laminate.
  • Leg-levelers

Keeping the table level is important especially in the long term.

  • Scoring—digital or manual, it’s a matter of preference.
  • Profile

Professional style air hockey tables are lower than arcade style tables. Sleek, wood paneled tables can add visual interest to a bar or game room. Higher tables with graphic designs are great for arcades or family rooms.

Where to Buy USAA Sanctioned Tables

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