Unbelievable Pool Table Trick Shots! – Guaranteed to Impress

Maybe you’ve seen some pretty cool pool trick shots but you’ve never seen anything like this before. The art of creating and mastering trick shots has produced a unique cue sport that takes imagination, creativity, and endless hours of practice.

Best Pool Trick Shots

Images via Venom Trickshots.

Who is Florian Kohler?

At first glance, Florian Kohler looks like your average 25 year old young adult. Looks can be deceiving. Kohler is a multi-lingual, licensed optometrist and a Black Belt in Judo. Did we mention he is a Professional Billiards Master? Florian Kohler has been instrumental in the development of trick shots. His forte is masse shots, where the ball is spun to create trick shots that bend, curve, and twist their way to their target.

You would think that Florian is some type of child prodigy who was shooting pool before he could walk. On the contrary, Kohler started playing pool at the age of 18 when his parents bought him a 6 foot pool table for his birthday. From there, he watched videos and studied other professional players that he admired like Mike Massey and Semih Sayginer.

Kohler gained notoriety after posting YouTube videos of his best trick shots. He capitalized on his unique talent by releasing Venom Trickshots, a DVD compilation of some of his most impressive shots. Venom Trickshots features over 160 of Kohler’s most extreme trick shots. You can purchase it online by visiting his website.

Amazing Pool Trick Shots

2 cues, no problem. 3 cues, you have my attention. 5 cues, this guy is amazing!

The Best Trick Pool Trick Shots!

Florian specializes in masse trick shots and has been applauded for creating over 1,000 new trick shots! Among his long list of accomplishments include holding the World Record for the highest jump shot on a moving ball at 23 inches.

Watch the video below and take notes! Florian is known for jumping and masseing multiple cues at the same time and doing jump shots and masse shots on moving targets. Try to keep your eyes on the ball as Florian shows you why many are calling trick shots a new art form!

Learn How to Shoot Trick Shots!

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