Three Things Every Foosball Table Owner Should Own

Foosball tables are nice and simple. They do not require a lot of extra accessories. Sure, you will want to have some spare foosballs around in the event that one of your friends shows off his trick spin-shot, shooting your ball into the mysterious realm where socks and buttons go missing. Aside from that, here are three simple things that every foosball table owner should have.

1. A Level
No, not the kind of level you get from killing boars at level 1 of a video game, or the dire boars you kill at level 56 in that same video game. A level is a tool that helps you check if a surface is (wait for it…) level. You would not believe how many people forget to make sure their table is level before they start playing. Not only should this be checked when you first get your table, you should check it periodically in case your table has warped due to temperature and humidity changes. I would be surprised if you had to pay more than five dollars on a suitable one.

2. A Few Cardboard Coasters
If your foosball table becomes unstable or uneven, a cheap solution is use coasters to even things out. Playing foosball on a shaky table is the absolute worst. This is a time tested method for fixing a shaky table, foosball or otherwise. It is also less expensive than having the table altered, and less time consuming than doing it yourself.

3. A Microfiber Cloth
You would be surprised how just a little bit of TLC can keep your foosball table looking great. A microfiber cloth is great for dusting the surface and body, as well as keeping the chrome rods nice and shiny. One every week or two can keep dust and dirt from building up and making it harder to clean