Small Pool Tables from 6′ to 7′

Pool tables are large, there’s no denying that. There are small tables, though, with more options than ever. As far as game tables go, pool tables are a crowd pleaser. Young and old, people love to watch and play pool. Maybe you’ve always thought you didn’t have enough space for a pool table or you’ve recently moved. There’s a small pool table for sale that will fit perfectly into your space. To learn more about the history of pool tables and why pool tables are certain lengths, keep reading!

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 Ye Olde Billiards Table

Pool and other billiards games began outdoors on the grass with sticks, a cousin to croquet and other popular lawn games. The earliest form of pool moved indoors with King Louis XI of France, who is the first known owner of an indoor pool table. The game became wildly popular in the 15th century, first with long, heavy tables that stood 12 feet or longer. Over time, these tables got shorter. You might still see a 10 foot table here or there, but these are usually antique or custom pool tables. Today, most pool tables for sale range between 6 feet and 9 feet.                                                          

Modern Pool Tables

The regulation or “standard” size pool table today is 8 feet in length. Despite its small size compared to its predecessors, the modern pool table is too big for many homes and establishments. Small pool tables were developed for a hungry consumer market that desperately wanted to play pool at their favorite bars and in the comfort of their own home. Compact pool tables generally run at 7 feet in length, but that single foot makes ALL the difference for the pool table owner.

The 7ft pool table is often found in bars and restaurants because of its space-saving design. Smaller pool tables mean patrons have plenty of room to mingle, without impeding on the fun of spectators and players. The small size of these tables also means that more tables fit into a single area, to satisfy guests who just want a quick game of 8-ball or cutthroat. More tables also means more opportunity for tournaments and events.

6.5' Mizerak Dynasty SpaceSaver Pool Table
6.5′ Mizerak Dynasty SpaceSaver Pool Table

Bar pool tables are often coin operated, which bring in extra income for the owner. Extra-small pool tables, at 6 ft are sometimes referred to as kids’ pool tables. These are great for arcades, youth centers, and other busy areas where a standard pool table would be too big. For the home game room, you won’t have to worry about coin operation or arcade features.  

Compact Home Pool Tables

Small pool tables, aside from being proportionally scaled down, are pretty much identical to regulation pool tables. They come with full runners and net pockets for easy shooting and retrieval. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a casual player, having a pool table at home takes your space from basic to entertaining. Home pool tables are designed to fit with your home décor seamlessly, using sturdy hardwood, such as such as oak, poplar, ash, cherry, mahogany, and maple for a truly beautiful piece of furniture.  Explore our catalogue to find a home pool table that fits your game room aesthetic.

Small pool tables are fantastic for homes or apartments with limited space. A small pool table will fit into a study, lounge, basement, or any space you want to transform. Measure first to make sure you have enough space for the table and cues, to prevent crowding, scraping, and bumping into the walls, then you’re ready to select your perfect home pool table! Check out this spacing guide for more info on how much space you need for each pool table size.

Rio Grande 7′ Pool Table

Purchasing a small pool table for your home or business is an investment. Make it a smart investment by buying a high quality table that is going to last through years of play. You’re in luck, because at, we’ve already done the research for you! Each table in our collection has been specifically chosen for its construction, design, and durability. Shop by size to find the best small pool table for your space.

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