How to Shoot Pool Like a Pro

Shooting pool is a spectacular hobby that can provide hours of enjoyment. However, to derive maximum enjoyment from this, one needs to learn to shoot like a pro.

Improving Your Capabilities

Learning to shoot like a pro requires plenty of practice to ensure that some fairly common shots land properly. When practicing this you need to have a proper hold of the cue and use the right amount of force on the cue ball. Moreover, the cue ball should be struck at the right angle and in the correct quadrant to take advantage of the physics to ensure that the balls move as one wants them to.

One Step at a Time

For a practice session, place three balls near three of the pockets and move to the opposite end of the pool table. Place a cue ball close to the left edge of the table and aim to hit the cue ball such that it pushes the ball on the left into the pocket before bouncing to the right and pushing the second ball into the right pocket. Once you have mastered this pro trick, you can move on to the next exercise.

Another Pool Trick

Another exercise involves lining five of the pool balls in a line and using the pool cue stick to push them into the pocket. This should be done with just sufficient force so that the other balls remain stable when the first one is being pushed.

Proper Shooting

Pros also practice hitting a cue ball that is adjacent to the pool ball. The cue ball is pushed to make it bounce against the opposite side of the table and come back to push the pool ball into the near pocket. This can be done because the pool ball is dislodged in the first move and starts rolling toward the near pocket.

Proper Alignment

In order to learn how to make the cue ball curve to hit the right pool ball, you should line up three pool balls between the cue ball and the ball that needs to be pocketed. Now, you need to practice hitting the cue ball at an 80 to 90 degree angle to ensure that it curves over the line made of the three balls and pushes the right ball into the pocket.

Balls and Sequences

A person who wants to shoot like a pro needs to practice various situations that can arise on the pool table and work out the angles and force needed to pocket the right balls and many times in the right sequence.