Shape of Bumper Pool

Although bumper pool table is not as common as it should be, it has a lot of advantages over the normal game of billiards. It’s compact and really easy to pick up a game with friends. It offers a lot of the same geometric tactics but without the need for a giant pool table. If you’re looking for a bumper pool table, there are lots of options for you.

Most bumper pool tables are rectangular in shape with 12 bumpers total (8 in the middle and two at each end). These tables fit easily into most spaces and resemble a traditional billiard table. Carpeting comes in green or blue. They are typically made out of wood and come in a variety of finishes. Lighter finishes tend to look better with green carpet, but feel free to mix and match to meet your tastes.

There are some really cool discrete octagonal bumper pool tables that also fit almost anywhere. They come with a poker table top that hides bumper pool underneath. These are perfect for saving space. When you want to play cards, use the external surface, and when you’re ready to play bumper pool, simply remove it and set it aside. These types of tables allow you to utilize your game space more efficiently.

The eight-sided design also plays a little differently than the traditional rectangular tables due to its geometry. These tables can come in mahogany, walnut, or oak. If you’re looking to add a little sophistication to your game room, then this type of table is perfect. Another bonus is that the poker table top protects the carpeting when not in use, preventing silly accidents from decreasing the lifetime of your bumper pool table.

If you want more than just poker or bumper pool, you can also find combination game tables that include even more games. Favorites like foosball and air hockey can be combined into one table. These are great for parties and barbeques because if someone doesn’t like one of the games you can switch easily between games.

You can find bumper pool tables that match your game area, style, and even combines other cool games. Don’t be afraid to look around for the table that best meets your needs, as you’re sure to find one that does.