Selecting Your Multi Game Table

A multi game table brings diversity and functionality to a room. They’re the perfect choice for someone who can’t decide between game tables, but shopping for a multi game table still requires some decision making. When selecting your multi game table, consider how its location influences functionality and style.

The location of your multi game table will influence your selection in several ways. The size of the space will determine your choice of games. Pool and foosball tables require ample clearance to allow players to comfortably take their shots. Ping pong matches require a lot of maneuverability at each end, while card tables require additional seating space. Make sure to measure the room dimensions, and note the location of vulnerable objects such as windows, doors and mirrors before selecting a multi game table. Consider drawing different furniture arrangements to determine which table in what configuration works best with the space.

The type of location will also determine the type of multi game table. Game rooms can work with several styles of game tables, be it traditional, modern or arcade style. However, if the space has poor climate control, warping and mildew can adversely affect the interchangeability and aesthetic value of wooden tables. So if you’re planning to convert a garage or basement into a game room, consider a more climate resistant table.

Not every home has a game room furniture, and not every night is game night. For multipurpose rooms, select a multi game table that functions as dining or work surfaces. If the room is traditionally furnished, consider a wooden table. For modern homes and workspaces, consider the clean and minimalist look of painted steel or stainless steel tables. Style is more important here than in a game room because the multi game table is not just an entertainment piece.

Multi game tables are suited for a variety of places. With such a wide selection of game tables available, it’s good to have a starting point. Your guests will be impressed with the choice of games, and how the table flows from one function to the next.