Is Online Gaming Killing the Gaming Experience?

The internet has changed the way we live life, connecting those in distant areas and increasing the capabilities of modern technology. Online gaming has emerged as a ballooning giant so fast that it has actually become a full-time occupation for some. Although online gaming has been able to gain acceptance, there are still many skeptics that question the quality of gaming experience.

Tom Breitling, Chairman of Ultimate Gaming commented on recent online growth saying, “This is just the beginning, just the tip of the iceberg for what we see as a multi-billion-dollar industry.” While many have logged in, there are some who strongly support physical game tables. Critics say that online gaming cannot replicate the authentic experience that you have sitting at a table filled with people. Generating an estimated annual revenue of over $7 Billion annually, the online gaming industry has caught the attention of many brick-and-mortar players.

Online Gaming vs Casino

One of the stark contrast between online gaming and casino’s are the demographics. Online gamers tend to be less inclined to interact with others socially and hence favor playing from home. On the other hand, game table players enjoy the rush of excitement that can only be captured in person. Billionaire Chairman of the Las Vegas Sands (LVS), Sheldon Adelson, expressed strong sentiments calling online gaming “fool’s gold.” Adelson went on to state refer to the industry as “a threat to our society – a toxin which all good people ought to resist.”

While playing from home may sound enticing, some fear that this disconnected style of play interferes with the experience that you have with people. Charismatic dealers keep players engaged and on the end of their seats. Opponents exchange jokes, share in the suspense, and share the excitement of seeing somebody win! These social skills are diminishing in today’s tech-savvy world as the traditional norms are challenged.

What Physical Game Tables Offer

When you sit down to play a round of poker, you have the ability to study your opponent, noting any small cues in body language or demeanor. This is all part of the game. Noticing a small twitch, a sense of nervous energy, an insecure gaze, an obvious facial reaction, or calling the infamous bluff; these are things that you simply can’t do online. What’s more, you’re able to enjoy the experience of dressing up and spending a night out on the town. Being spontaneous and stomaching a huge feast are all part of it!

A potential hazard that is often overlooked, online gaming has a higher risk of addiction because gambling habits can easily be hidden behind a computer screen. It’s more difficult to conceal frequent trips to the casino on the other hand. The online gaming industry has also been a gray area as regulation varies from state to state and is always a hot topic in politics.

Austin Reversible Top Game Table

That being said, while the internet is an incredibly useful tool, game tables offer a certain user experience that can’t be captured online. Getting together with your closet buddies and holding a game night in your den just wouldn’t be the same as logging on to great your pals through a webcam. Game tables bring people together and serve as a mutual activity that can be shared amongst a group of individuals. The competitive nature is always enough to make for an interesting night!

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