Multigame Tables: Save on Space and Increase Comfort Levels

Entertaining extended family or friends is easier when you have a game room or a game table where people can play their favorite games. However, not all homes have enough space for an exclusive pool table or poker table. Your family room or game room might already have a ping pong table, music center, or other equipment making it difficult to fit in a dining table and pool table into it.

Multigame Tables

All-in-one Multigame tables are a clever way of using limited space to entertain guests. These tables have a dining surface that can be lifted or removed to reveal a pool table. The dining surface can be flipped to create a great poker table with ease. The attention to detail ensures that you can host a dinner on the table and quickly convert it to a pool or poker table. This makes optimum use of the limited space in your entertainment room without sacrificing any comforts.

Variety of Finishes

In order to ensure that the multigame tables fit in with the existing décor of your entertainment room, these tables come in a variety of finishes such as mahogany, walnut, and oak. They also have fine detailing such as roping detail and ball and claw foot. These tables will add class to the décor of any room and enhance the comfort factor tremendously.


The multigame tables come with optional matching chairs that will both add to the appearance of the room and increase the comfort of your guests. The chairs are padded and their height can be adjusted with ease. The 360 degree swivel facility too will be appreciated by your guests who can interact easily with each other even as they focus on their game. The vinyl cushion covers are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the chairs will last for long.


Multigame tables that are designed for a game of pool come with cues, balls, and chalk. This ensures that once you complete the easy assembly, you can enhance your skill levels by playing a few games.

Storage Area

The dining-cum-poker table comes with its own storage area, ensuring that you can keep your game room clutter-free by storing all the poker accessories out of sight until the game is about to begin. This is a marvelous advantage since you can easily locate the poker accessories once dinner has been eaten and you are waiting for dessert to be served.