7 of the Most Expensive Foosball Tables in the World

Ever wonder how much you could possibly spend on a single foosball table? We’ll this list is made for those who are more than well-off. Try “I have so much money I don’t know what to do with it.” Using exotic materials such as gold, crystals, and carbon fiber, these foosball tables have landed on the official list of Most Expensive Foosball Tables in the World.

Worlds Most Expensive Luxury Foosball Tables

Cristallino Gold LE. Image courtesy Teckell

You’ll need to stop stealing from your piggy-bank to save up enough dinero to buy one of these babies!

World’s Most Expensive Foosball Tables

1. 11-The Beautiful Game $68,000

Topping the list is “11-The Beautiful Game.” Unveiled at the acclaimed Milan Design Week global furniture expo, The Beautiful Game has a price tag that sings to a beautiful tune of $68,000. Yes, you read that right, three zero’s after the comma. Why 11? 11 is the number of players on each team on a foosball table!

11-The Beautiful Game Foosball Table by GRO Designs

Image courtesy GRO Design

This table was the result of a collaboration between GRO Design and Tim Model makers. What makes the table special is a series of special lighting effects that are controlled by state-of-the-art software to enhance playing experience. As you can see, the shape of the table was inspired by modern stadiums that host sports such as football, baseball, and soccer. This builds the excitement as it forms a foosball table that can serve as the center of attention in any game room. 11-The Beautiful Game is definitely worth of being placed on our list of Fun Game Room Ideas.

Most Expensive Foosball Table in the World

Image courtesy GRO Design

Adding to the price tag are hand-crafted players that are dipped in an eye-catching chrome finish. Believe it or not, it takes 12 weeks just to make the players. As if this weren’t enough, each player has an assigned number that is embedded on the surface. The glossy finish is very contemporary and marks turning point in the history of foosball. Who’s ready to pitch in for this?

2. The Opus – $34,000

Priced at $34,000, The Opus is exactly half the price of 11-The Beautiful Game. Still, it’s nearly enough to purchase a brand new car and a nice one at that. Eleven Forty fabricated this table using computer-aided design technology. Each table is hand-crafted in etched glass. While stainless steel legs and handles add a modern flare, an old fashioned wood finish makes The Opus a timeless masterpiece. Choose from high-quality oak, ash, walnut, and mahogany.

The Opus Foosball Table by Eleven Forty

Image courtesy Eleven Fourty

As with 11-The Beautiful Game, The Opus puts a lot of dough into the figures. Not enough? Personalize your foosball table by ordering custom replicas of your friends and family. Simply scan photographs you would like to use and Eleven Forty will put your body on the figures! How funny would this be! Other notable features of The Opus are on-field lighting and built in bubble levels that automatically level your table. In summation, top dollar gets you to first class.

Most Expensive Foosball Tables in the World

Image courtesy Eleven Fourty

3. Lux Gold Foosball Table – $28,000

Just under 30K, The Lux Gold has been named the Foosball Table of Kings and for good reason. Upon gawking at The Lux Gold, your eyes are immediately mesmerized by striking legs that are encased in gold. Comprising of quality (and expensive) materials like stainless steel and unbreakable glass, it’s safe to say this foosball table is qualifies as an heirloom item. You can choose from 50 different colors for table accents and 12 different styles and materials for the figures.


The Lux Gold Foosball Table

Image courtesy Pool Table Portfolio

The Lux Gold Foosball table is crafted with minimalist design inspirations. Gold and black create a classic color contrast that elicits nothing less than the highest level of class and sophistication. Something you would expect probably expect from one of the most expensive foosball tables in the world.

4. Barbie Foosball Table – $25,000

Barbie Foosball Table

This item was available for a limited time and is no longer offered at FAO Schwarz. Image courtesy Fao Shwarz

Barbie’s back and she’s got a taste for luxury! French designer Chloe Ruchon decided to mix feminism with a sport filled with testosterone. Who would want to own something as ridiculously expensive and outlandish as this? Charlie Sheen.

5. Audi Foosball Table – $16,000

So we mentioned that some of these table cost so much that you could buy a luxury sports car for the same price. Well, Audi developed this lightweight aluminum foosball table. The reason the automobile manufacturer dove into foosball tables is still unknown. You’re guess is as good as mine. Possibly a marketing ploy to build the brands image in other avenues where hobbyist love spending top dollar on things they are passionate about.

Audi Foosball Table

Image courtesy Audi

To date, only 20 of these tables have been produced for the high-rolling Audi loyalists out there. One question, do you put this in your garage or the game room?

6. Foos Foosball Table – $13,000

Foos Foosball Table Mars Made

Foos is “over a quarter ton of foosball fun.” If you’re looking for a durable foosball table, put this on your Christmas wish list. Precision-ground rods support flawlessly balanced players above a lightweight, carbon fiber playing surface that gives it a ultra-smooth gliding feel. This is one table that will not move no matter how intense the game gets. It weighs in at 600 pounds. As it is one of the most expensive foosball tables in the world, it quite possibly may be one of the heaviest as well.  Created by Mars-Made.

Carbon Fiber Foosball Table Surface

7. Techkell Krystall Series – $7,500-$10,000

The Teckell Krystall Series may be a tad closer to your spending budget. Brought to you by the folks at B.Lab, the Teckell Collection comes in 8 different models made from crystal glass sides and a crystal playing surface. You can also opt for walnut accents, aluminum hardware, and even gold-plated handles if you want a touch of The Lux Gold.

Teckell Collection Foosball Tables

Smaller coffee table models are closer to $7K while larger tables don’t even list a sale price. You know the deal. If you have to ask for the price, you probably can’t buy it. We can dream anyway.

7 Most Expensive Luxury Foosball Tables

While you may not be able to purchase one of the Most Expensive Foosball Tables in the World, the ones you’ll find here on Game Tables Online will seem much more feasible. We sell all types of game tables online so stop by and check us out!

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