You Won’t Believe this Life Size Backyard Pool Bowling Table

Steve Wienecke had a crazy idea one day. What if you combined bowling with pool? Sounds like a childhood dream right? Well, feast your eyes on the Knokkers Table. This is a life-sized pool table that is 4 times the size of a normal pool table. Yes, it’s as fun as it looks.

Knokkers Pool Table


“It’s safe, fast-paced, and entertaining for others to watch. Let’s just say – it’s very different, but in a good way.”

Here’s How the Story Goes

Steve was playing in a local pool league a while back when he got this ingenious idea. Maybe it was a mixture of a glass full of inspiration or maybe it was just a whim. Regardless, nothing is impossible when you’re a former semi-pro football player, cage fighter, and a current parole/probation assistant.

As you can guess, this only made his wife think he was even more crazy, but he pursued his dream. As it began to materialize, his wife became encouraging. Local businesses provided the materials he needed including:

  • 38 Railroad ties
  • 5 Truckloads of Gravel
  • 4 ½ yards of Concrete
  • 200 Hours of Sweat Equity from Steve himself

The result is something mind-blowing and appealing. What’s more, the table is actually built exactly to official pool table regulations just four times bigger. Talk about loving the sport.

“It’s exactly like a regulations pool table, only everything is scaled up four times. Even the dimensions of the pockets are the same, just a lot bigger.”
-Steve Wienecke, Inventor of the Knokkers Table

Knokkers Bowling Pool Table

Giant Pool Table

Life Sized Pool Table

Knokkers Table by Steve Wienecke

How to Play Pool on a Giant Table

You have to push the cue ball instead of using a cue stick. It takes a little bit of bowling and a little bit of pool know-how to be good at this game. The balls are actually bowling balls painted like billiards balls.

To play, you stand behind a scratch line like you do when you’re bowling. Then you have to hit your ball (solid or strips) into the pockets like a regular pool game. First player to pocket the 8 ball wins!

“If you can throw a hook in bowling, you can get massé shots. That ball will grab the carpet and curl. It’s pretty intense.”

Get Your Own Knokker Table

Steve created a portable table made of plastic that you can take anywhere. He’s made this to get it into commercial venues like theme parks, restaurants, and cruise ships. Price tag, $39,000. Save up kids.

Steve Wienecke Playing on His Giant Pool Table

Steve Wienecke Playing on His Giant Pool Table

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