How to Recover a Worn Down or Scuffy Bumper Pool Table

If you own a bumper pool table, you will surely need to replace the felt table lining at some point. Ordinary wear and tear, even from inconsistent or light use, can seriously alter both the appearance of the table itself and its functionality. Scuffs, knicks, cuts, and even inconsistencies in padding can have a dramatic effect on the performance of your bumper pool tables.

Luckily, changing the felt is not a particularly challenging task. If you know how to use a wrench and a stapler, you will have no trouble fixing your bumper pool table.

First, remove the felt from the current table. Generally, this felt is held down by industrial staples that you will need to remove. Be careful, though, as you don’t want to harm the wood or slate table itself. Gently lift the felt off the table and over the bumpers (some tables feature screw-off bumpers that make this process a little easier). Next, determine how you want your new felt to be held down. Most modern bumper pool tables are simply stretched out and held down with heavy duty staples attached at the corner seams where the table and the side-runners intersect. Occasionally, you will come across a bumper pool table that will feature felt lining held down by a heavy glue or epoxy. This method is not recommended, however, as staples are far sturdier. If you can, use the staples. If you can’t (as is often the case with, for example, solid slate bumper pool tables), the glue should be fine.

Line up the felt lining very carefully, making sure to lay it flat on the table and perfectly fit around the bumpers. Important note: the “top side,” or up-facing side of the felt, is generally the one with the manufacturer’s logo printed on it. However, many online companies offer the option to customize your felt replacement with any logo or insignia of your choosing.

So, that’s all you need to replace your worn down bumper pool table felt.