How to Play a Dart Game of Cricket

Many darts players learn Cricket as their first game because it is relatively simple and a whole lot of fun! If you go to any bar in America with a dartboard, you will probably find someone playing cricket.

So here is how to play cricket. The main object is to “close” all of your numbers with at least as many points as your opponent. By hitting a number three times, you close it. Remember that you have to close all the way from 20 through the bulls-eye. To make the scoreboard, draw the numbers 20 through 15 in descending order, ending with B for “bulls-eye”. Landing inside the thin outer ring is a double and the thin inner ring counts as a triple. The broader areas of a number only score a single. A single score is noted by a slash (\), a double is noted by an X, and scoring a triple is noted by placing a circle next to the number to show it is closed. A lot of electronic dart boards¬†have built-in cricket scoring, but it is good to know when you play on a traditional dart board.

Determine who goes first by each player throwing at the bulls-eye. The closer player gets to go first. Each player takes turn throwing three darts to try to close numbers and score points. Points will be explained in just a moment, and are optional to playing the game. Play goes back and forth until one player has closed all his or her numbers and has at least as many points as the opponent.

How do cricket points work? Let us say that you have closed the number 20, but your opponent has not. If on your next turn you land a single, double or triple, you would get 20, 40, or 60 points (respectively)!

As you can probably already tell, there are ways for even new dart players to get ahead in this game by scoring more points, rather than just having deadly accuracy. Remember, your opponent cannot win until they closed all their numbers while having at least as many points as you do!