How to Maintain a Foosball Table

Foosball tables are lot of fun, no matter where they are. Unfortunately, their popularity means that they are used, and sometimes abused, a little too much. Game tables are an investment, so it is important to do routine maintenance on them to keep them in tiptop shape. This may sound like a hassle, but it really is quite simple. One way to make it easier to get used to is by working it into your regular house cleaning schedule. Remember, the more consistent you are with cleaning your foosball table, the less work it will be each time.

Let us start with the tabletop. Use rubbing alcohol (70% by volume) and a rag to get at surface dirt and easy stains. If you have one available, use a spray bottle to distribute the alcohol evenly and easily. Remember to clearly mark the bottle to avoid mixing chemicals in the future. Make sure you get in all the corners and remove ball marks. Foosball tables that are dirty and marked up are not only unattractive to play on, they also perform poorly. For really tough stains, you can use Simple Green, although with regular cleaning, hopefully this will not be an issue. You can use the same materials to clean the goal and ball return areas.

The foosballs themselves can also get dirty from dust or if they shoot off the table due to a cheap trick shot. I recommend just regular dish soap and water every so often. If they become really dirty, you can throw them in with a load of whites and then air-dry them. Putting them in the dryer can damage or warp them. Do not put them in with colored clothing, as it may stain the balls. Avoid harshly scrubbing the balls, as they will lose their original texture. Playing on a foosball table with clean equipment just feels nice.

The handles on a foosball table differ from table to table. If they are some sort of plastic or non-wood material, you can probably clean it like you did the tabletop. If they are wood, do not put stain or sealer on the handles, as being worn is normal for foosball table handles, and playing on them conditions you for playing on other tables. If your handles are too slick, it will be frustrating to play. Handles can also be replaced.

Foosball tables are a lot of fun, but once and a while you have to take them seriously. The good news is that regular care means that you will probably have to do simple tasks to care for your foosball table.