Counterweighted Foosball tables

Serious foosball players expect a few specific features on a competitive table. Many tables will use a specific number of goal players, have a certain material used for the playing surface, or have a design that keeps the foosball ball from rolling to far to the sides. However one of the most sought after features that proficient foosball players look for is counterweighted players. In some product details you may find that this is also referred to as “Counter Balanced” players.

A counterweighted foosball table utilizes a player that looks like a soccer player. On one side there is the legs and on the other side there is a shorter end that looks like a players head. Some non counterweighted foosball tables will use this shape and it does not mean that the table is counterweighted. These tables will normally have the players leg side naturally move back down towards the ground. The benefit of using a counterweighted player is that if the player is spun upside down it will stay that way.

Counterweighting allows a single competitor to easily control both the offense and defensive side. When the competitor is controlling the ball with their defensive players, the strategy is to turn the players upside down and to there is no chance of deflecting the ball away from the goal. This allows a good player to take deep shots on goal from their first line of defenders.

Many competitors prefer a foosball table with counterweighted players from a feel perspective as well. This is more of a personal preference then a strategic difference. Many times a foosball table will play slightly smoother with counterweighted players. They can be slightly heavier which give the table a more solid feel and can allow a player to produce more power with a shot on goal.

Here are a few counterweighted foosball tables that we like.
Shelti Counterweighted Foosball Tables

American Foosball Table By Great American

Action Foosball table By Great American

Rene Pierre Foosball Table This is a very high quality foosball table with a classic design. While it does not look like it’s a very fancy table but the play on it is great and the quality is top of the line.

Pro Series Foosball This table is commercial grade and R-E-L-I-A-B-L-E! This table was built for settings like bars where it may be abused a bit more than normal home use. It has all the features that you would look for in a table with a long life span and uses a 3 man goalie.

Sure Shot Foosball Tables use counterweighted players and are also available in a coin operated option. One thing we really like about them is the ability to choose your own finish color as well.
Sureshot OG

SureShot Coin Operated Foosball Table