Chrome Pool Table Balls– What!

Some of us are like pack rats and just love shiny things. Now you can have your very own set of chrome pool table balls. Introduced by Krōm, these revolutionary chrome billiards balls are the first of their kind. These new chrome accessories are not just for show, they’ve been crafted to meet professional standards of play.

One of the biggest changes to hit the pool scene in decades, the Krōm Premiere Set has a Patent pending on the technology they use to make the Krōmball. For obvious reasons, the company cannot divulge the full details of their new product. Let’s see how these cool chrome pool table balls were developed and more importantly, how they work!

Chrome Pool Table Balls

Krōm Première Pool Table Balls

Patience is a virtue and Belgian ball designer Pieerre Deveaux can attest to that. He’s been honing this new set for the past two decades, finally getting it off to the patent office (cross your fingers). Deveaux’s initial efforts to create a prototype were hampered due to a lack of technological resources that prevented the project from moving forward. Years later, Deveaux has revisited his dream and turned it into a reality.

Funded by a recent KickStarter Campaign, this grass roots effort is headed by a group of enterprising individuals who love playing pool just like you. You can help support Krōm by spreading the word to your buddies and sharing the Pledge Banner pictured at the bottom of this post.

What’s Beneath the Glitz and Glamour

Traditional pool table balls were made out of materials like iron, wood, clay, and even plastic (this goes back hundreds of years). The Krōmball is composed of a resin that is mixed with special chemical additives that make the chrome surface scratch-resistant. This means that you can continue taking shots as you normally would without having to worry about the cosmetics of your new set. Krōm has also gone as far as creating a special ball cleaner just in case you want to give them a quick spit shine and apply a protective coating.Chrome Billiards Balls

The Development Process

Krōm gives you a new way to add a flare to your game room with these flamboyant chrome pool table balls. Ball size varies by country, but each Krōmball meets or exceeds all U.S. specifications. Balls are test to meet all impact, heat resistance, friction, and elasticity requirements. You can take a look at the numbers below.

  • Size: 2.25” diameter
  • Weight: 6 Ounces
  • Roundness: 0.005” (+or-0.005”)

The Krōm Premiere Set has gone through a process of refinement as the team has developed a series of prototypes. This is not a first time trial run. They’ve done their homework and these billiards balls are ready to break in. Best of all, the Krōmball actually improves accuracy, which is one of the main evaluating factors we use to choose the best set of pool table balls.

How Does It Affect Play

This was an initial concern of many skeptical billiards players. Rest assured, the chrome surface doesn’t sacrifice any performance. In fact, many professional players have tried it and were actually surprised to learn that the chrome balls can improve your pool game by allowing you to focus on your target. Flashy yet functional, the difference in sound is also very minimal in comparison to normal pool balls. You can check out the video demonstration below to see for yourself.

Improving accuracy and adding a captivating new element to any pool table, the Krōm Première Set will retail for $249.95 but you can preorder a Limited Edition Set for just $129.00 from their KickStarter page.

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