Choosing the Right Air Hockey Table

If you are looking for a new game table for your home, then you have both good and bad luck. The good news is that there is an exciting amount of games, manufacturers, and styles to choose from. The bad news is that with variety comes indecision. You may have a favorite game, and if you do, then you have narrowed down a lot of options. If you are the sort of person who likes a lot of table games, or are competitive by nature and will enjoy any head-to-head game, then you should seriously weigh your options. An air hockey table can offer some of the most thrill, as well as having several other great options.

One thing people love about air hockey is the fast and exciting pace of the game. The puck glides nearly without friction across the battlefield, ricocheting off the sides and the players’ strikers. How do you choose a table that will offer quality, low friction play? Most manufactures advertise the strength of the blower, which is responsible for pushing air through the table surface, creating an ice-like, low friction playfield. Most commercial strength blowers operate at around 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute). If your prospective air hockey table doesn’t have this exact specification, some simply say “commercial-grade”.

Air hockey is also popular because it is a relatively modern table game. Air hockey tables are available in a variety of cool designs that are perfect for modern game rooms. Make sure you compare and contrast which features are included with the air hockey tables you are interested in. Scoring units can be electronic or old fashioned abacus sliders. Do you want an overhead light? What about sound effects? These little details can give you the full arcade experience. If you are investing in a game table, it is worth it to go the extra mile for something that will bring you fun for years. Some tables are even available with black lights and special decals. This can really make an improvement in your game room.

Having a lot of options means having both freedom and indecision. When you shop around, try creating a list of features you want, and you can narrow down your options quickly. Happy hunting!