Top 5 Best Coin Operated Pool Tables of the Year

When you’re in the hospitality business, improving your guests’ experience and increasing your profit is always considered when making changes. Adding a coin operated pool table to your space is one of the easiest ways to keep guests returning and extra pennies in your pocket. If you’ve tried shopping for a coin-op pool table before, you know that finding the perfect pool table can be a bit like playing Goldilocks.

Leave it to us, at We’ve done the research and over a decade of knowledge to pull together this guide of coin-operated pool tables for sale that are just right to show off your style and welcome your guests.

Check out some of the commercial pool tables we’ve provided to happy customers.

Best Coin-Operated Pool Tables

1) Great American Eagle Optional Coin-Op Pool Table

Create that classic British pub feel with The Eagle. The sturdy poplar cabinet is built to withstand hearty gameplay. The rails and slate are covered with an unbacked cloth, in your choice of color. Add a bill acceptor for convenience, and lights or gold trim for ambience. The Eagle is available in multiple sizes, to fit your bar or home game room.

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California House New Pocket Design

Crafted in the USA and made to order, California House’s gaming furniture has gained a reputation for being beautiful and high quality. Since 1953, California House pool tables have been adding refinement to game rooms. Now, to continue the tradition of incredible quality, California House has added a new pocket design to all of their pool tables.

The Billiard Industry’s Best Pockets.
100% Vegetable Tanned Leather Upper & Lower
Sculpted Black Walnut Dowel for Click, Not Clunk
No Unsightly Gaps – Pocket Meets the Slate
Handmade in California
* Exclusively on California House Pool Tables *

Exclusive to California House, these innovative pockets feature handsewn details, vegetable tanned leather, and sculpted black walnut.

  • The beautiful dark leather has been vegetable tanned, in a singular piece.
  • Listen for a distinctive and smooth click when a ball drops into the pocket. The new sculpted black walnut plug prevents the common clunking sound, for a more relaxing game.
  • These new pockets are made by craftspeople in the USA. Superior workmanship down to the details, even the riveting is done by hand.
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First Timer’s Guide to Hosting Poker Night

There’s nothing like Poker Night—playing cards, having a few drinks, and  sharing laughs with friends. What if no one in your life has a regular Poker Night? Maybe it’s time you started one. We have all the tips you need to host the best Poker Night!

7 Tips to Planning the Best Poker Night

Image courtesy of Pixabay

1) Invitations

Hosting a Poker Night gives you an opportunity to gather a different mix of people together—colleagues, old friends, family, and neighbors. It’s important, though, to be mindful of how the group will mix together, especially if there is alcohol involved. Discreet invitations by mail, especially for your first poker night are a nice touch. Creating a Facebook group is also a fantastic way to connect with everyone ahead of time, share video tutorials, and answer guest questions easily.

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