Business Solution: Coin Operated Tables

The challenge in any business is how to optimize resources to maximize profits. If you own or manage a pool hall, game center, recreation center, or casual dining establishment, one of your most limited resources is space. Your priority then becomes how to use this space to its fullest. Table layout and game furniture becomes a large part of what can make these businesses successful and operate efficiently. Coin operated game tables are one of the best ways to do this. It provides a fun, exciting way for your customers to spend time in your establishment and keep them coming back.

A coin operated game table is a big investment, but its payoffs are long term. Most game tables require mild care to stay in great shape. With regular cleaning and attention, you can avoid costly repairs. In reality, the care required is not any more demanding than other furniture. Another way to avoid these expenses is to purchase a table made from quality components and sturdy construction. Do your homework and research the best brands. For one initial investment in the table itself, it will continue to earn money over its entire lifetime.

How do you assess the need for a coin operated game table? Examine your business for unused space. Sometimes seating or other furniture goes unused, which makes them not only worthless, but also means that you are not being as efficient as you could be. Replacing these low-utility areas with a game table can bring new life to your establishment and help keep the attention of regular customers.

One way to bring attention to your new investment is to host a tournament to celebrate it. Rather than paying for individual games, try charging an entry fee and offer a grand prize. Tournaments draw a crowd, and crowds love food and drinks. As long as you price your prize appropriately, you are sure to make a pretty big margin. Let’s say that each game costs a dollar, and you charge each contestant five dollars as an entry fee, which is pretty low. If the final round is the fifth game the final players play, then every player that did not make it effectively played for games they did not even play! The exact price will, of course, depend on how many people you can realistically expect, and how big you want the prize to be.