BBO Poker Table Guide recently began carrying a great new manufacturer who offers gaming tables and poker tables with unique features to specifically benefit poker players. We have been really happy with the quality and customization options for these tables. If you are looking for a poker table and want something customizable however need to meet a budget, these tables are a great option to consider. There are a few things to consider with these tables and this guide should help you make a great decision and get exactly what your looking for. The main things you will need to decide on to get the most out of your bbo poker table are, Model, table felt color and grade, leg and lockbox options, dining or conference top options and matching chairs choice.

1. Models:

There are a few models that are available depending on 3 details of your gaming habits. Texas hold’em tables have a popular style with an oval shape and normally about 8 settings for players. Generally these Tables are about 82″ long. If you are interested in a hold’em style table a major thing to look out for is weather or not you want or need a dealer seat. This is a seat reserved for someone who is not playing but is managing the game and each persons winnings and bids as well as dealing the cards to each person playing. Without the dealer seat one player will take turns playing the role of dealer while playing.

BBO Poker table

Notice the dealer position

The second most popular style of table is a round table like the Nighthawk poker table one of bbo poker’s best sellers. With this style you can normally have about 8 players seated comfortably.

nighthawk poker table

Round poker table

2. Felt Color and Grade:

BBO Poker Tables come equipped with a standard black cloth top which is removable. The Great thing is that you also receive one other top at no charge. This can be a different color used for a backup top in case you have a rowdier crowd than normal, or you can also upgrade to whats called a suited speed felt. This felt is made of a slicker material and has the design of the card suits on it. This brings out a higher quality look in the entire table and is also removable in case you would like to reserve it for your special tournaments.

3. Leg and Lock Box Options:

The leg for many BBo poker table are finished in a fine finish that uses two layers of 2 layers of a sealer gloss and has a very high end look. The legs on many of the tables can be standard such as a ball and claw style or they can use an optional lock box leg. This lock box option allows the owner of the table to lock away their chips, accessories or any other important item that they use with the table.

The other option for the leg is to have a fold away table. The legs on these fold under the table so that it can be stored in a space saving manner and create minimal clutter when not in use.

4. Dining or Conference Top:

Not every occasion calls for a game of poker. For this reason BBO Poker tables have optional tops for a dining arrangement or for a conference style. The solid wood top uses the same finish as the rest of the table and can easily convert your entertainment poker table into a beautiful dining table for family events in the home, or to a regal conference table for meetings at the office. This 2 for 1 option give you the flexibility to use the game table in any setting.

For more information on game room furniture take a look at our selection and feel free see the options for yourself.