Ben Affleck Kicked Out of Vegas Blackjack Casino

Ben Affleck was kicked out of the Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino after being approached by security guards. So why was the Hollywood Celeb asked to exit peacefully? When escorted out of the casino, a security guard remarked, “You are too good.” While some may pause to give Affleck the benefit of the doubt, he does have a history of counting cards that is eerily similar.

Ben Affleck Counting Cards Ban Hard Rock Blackjack Casino

You, uh, saw that? Image courtesy Wenn Photography

Ben Affleck Counting Cards at Blackjack Casino

Apparently casino officials had been monitoring the activity at Affleck’s high-rollers blackjack table. Sources say that Affleck was counting cards and this was the reason he was politely asked to leave the building. Affleck was calm and did not create a fuss when all of this happened. According to sources, Affleck is now Banned for Life from the Las Vegas Hard Rock Blackjack Casino.

Affleck and wife of 9 years Jennifer Garner were enjoying a romantic getaway in Vegas. The couple was taken back to their hotel by car courtesy of Casino management.

What is Card Counting?

So card counting isn’t exactly illegal but it is definitely frowned upon by all casinos. It’s a blackjack strategy that involves counting cards to determine whether the next hand will be advantageous to you. By counting cards that have already been dealt, a player can make a positive assumption of the likely hood that a certain card(s) might be dealt in the next hand.

In short, you systematically narrow down the possibility of a given card being dealt through the process of elimination. You can read Blackjack for Beginners to understand the basic rules and strategy behind blackjack.

Affleck’s History of Counting Cards

This may not be surprising to some who have noticed “unusual” winnings on Affleck’s part in the past. Back in 2001, “Batman” was able to exit the building with a cool $800,000 in his pocket all from blackjack. During this incident, Affleck was found to be playing three $20,000 hands all at once. Coincidentally (or not), this happened at the same Hard Rock Casino that he was kicked out of last weekend. This pattern has lead some to label the Hollywood Star a “Card Shark.”

Witnesses said they allegedly saw Affleck giving $150,000 in tips to dealers and waitresses in the high-rollers Peacock Lounge. The Hard Rock Casino has not officially commented on this event but have chosen to remain quite about the reasons behind Affleck’s ban from the casino.

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