Indoor Basketball Hoops: Encourage Active Play on Cold Days

Most people are aware of the benefits of active play to help adults unwind and ensure that children attain adequate exercise. However, extreme cold, snow, or even high levels of pollution can mean that you and your child are cooped up indoors for days at a stretch.

No Time Wasted

Instead of trying to keep an active child engaged in quiet play, you should consider installing an indoor basketball fold-a-hoop. These hoops are designed to ensure that people with varying skill levels and heights can still shoot a few hoops. While dribbling and passing are not possible (unless you want to possibly wear down your floor and perhaps cause some interior damage to your home), you and your children can still practice hand-eye coordination and enjoy an active game competing against each other.

Constructive Activity

The indoor hoops are available in two forms. The fold-a-hoop cabinet model enables you to fold and conceal the hoop when not in use, ensuring that the décor and overall ambience of the room can be preserved for more formal occasions. This indoor hoop is ideal for those living in a small home with the need to use the same space for multiple purposes. Each foldable hoop comes with scoreboard, seven mini basketballs, a ball pump, a PVC runner with pre-attached netting, and a three-piece telescopic frame, and support leg.


Those who have more room, for instance a game room, entertainment room, or a large room for their children to share can install a single shootout basketball system. Both the systems bring arcade-style basketball within reach of homes. The single shootout system has a net below the hoop to catch the ball and bring it to the shooter at an angle. This makes it safe for use indoors without the danger of an out of control ball damaging other items in the room.
This single shootout system has one hoop, four mini basketballs, and is easy to assemble.

Designed for Indoor Use

Whether you are interested in encouraging your children to take part in more physical activity, want the entire family to bond over a game of basketball, or want to ensure that the star basketball player in your family has more practice an indoor basketball hoop can be the answer. These hoops are designed to be used in residential spaces and fit into a family room or your basement recreation or games room.
You can also invite friends over for a basketball party and spend hours shooting basketballs into the hoop or challenge them in a game of “horse.”