Accessories for Your Shuffleboard Table

Chances are, if you found this blog, you are interested or at least curious about table shuffleboard. It is a great, low-impact game that is easy to learn but hard to master. If you own a shuffleboard table, then you ought to take a look at some of the useful and fun shuffleboard accessories. Owning a shuffleboard table is an investment, so if you want to make the most of it, these simple additions will enhance your game.

One of the most common accessories is an electronic scoreboard, and for good reason, too. They really contribute to the overall game experience and encourage competition. It is also a practical addition as well. If you are entertaining guests, then all the spectators can follow the score of the game. It also inspires a competitive atmosphere by making players face their score. For the dedicate shuffleboard player, the electronic scoreboard gives your table a professional feel.

You also have the option of changing the game, rather than just adding to it. One fun alternative is the addition of solid wood bowling pins that can be placed right on the playfield. There are sets that are specifically meant to be played on a shuffleboard table, so make sure you find a set that fits on your table. Once you have a set that works, you have an entire new game to play. It is also a simple game that kids can play if they are not interested in table shuffleboard. Switching up your game is a great way to keep your game table fresh and interesting.

This last accessory is more of a necessity, as it is required for play, but is often found with other accessories. Shuffleboard wax (or powder) gives the playfield the required slickness to play the game. While playfields are usually smooth, they are nowhere near smooth enough to play without wax. Using wax helps protect the surface from being worn during play. Simply sprinkle it across the whole surface, and you are ready to play. Wax is rated for speed. Shorter tables and newer players should use slower wax. Use higher speed wax for longer tables or as your skill increases.

A final word of advice is to always make sure your new accessory fits your table. Some are brand-specific, so do your research, and you will find an addition you love.