8 Fun Apps That Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

We live in a world filled with apps. Whatever it is that you’re trying to do, chances are there’s an app for that bro. Well for those of you who are billiards fanatics, now you can work on your game while you’re on the go! Get ready for hours of mind-numbing entertainment.

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Work on Your Pool Table Skills Wherever You Go!

1. Finger Balance

If you haven’t hear of Finger Balance by now, you are missing out. Finger Balance is the #6 Top Paid App in the United States and has been featured in numerous publications. In this game, players must manipulate a ball using a rod to navigate and balance through various obstacles. With 90 levels, Finger Balance improves the brains mental processing of visual input.

2. Braintrainer

Braintrainer is a combination of games. One in particular, “Hand-Eye Coordination,” lets you see how many targets you can tap in 30 seconds. You can also test your reaction time and memory. Stimulate your mind with this moderately priced app. Available for $2.99 from Apple’s App Store.

Braintrainer App

3. Traffic Rush

Find a way to make sitting in traffic fun, well at least on your mobile phone! All you have to do is get around a rush of cars in the midst of rush hour. Not so fast. No traffic lights and trains mean that you will have to hone your timing skills and learn how to maneuver around moving objects. $0.99.

4. High Noon

This game is cool because you get to shoot outlaws with a virtual smart phone shot gun. Pretty much the coolest thing on Earth. Having the right aim requires superb hand-eye coordination skills that will help you hit your target and maybe even pocket the game winning billiards shot! Who doesn’t like a free app?

High Noon App

5. Finger Basketball

This app turns an American past time into a virtual classic. Finger Basketball allows you to swipe and tap your way to high scores. Get a better grasp on velocity and angles using this App. Best of all, it won’t cost you a penny!

Finger Basketball App

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6. Are You Faster Than Me?

This game helps improve hand eye coordination and reflexes. You’ll have to hit buttons when they appear on your screen in unpredictable patterns. Somewhat similar to the “Wack-a-Mole” game at the arcade where you have to swing at those sneaky moles! This app is $0.99 from the app store.

7. Jenga

This app integrates all of the fun of a classic game. Leslie Scott, inventor of the originally Jenga, helped to design this app so you know it’s sure to be a smash hit. This app requires a steady hand to remove Jenga blocks systematically. It has 3D physics simulation to create an authentic feel. Available for $0.99.

8. RC Heli Gold

Everybody loves a game that puts you behind a joystick. RC Heli Gold challenges precision by gliding through a timed obstacle course. It’s fun, simple, and captivating! Available for $1.99.

RC Heli Gold App

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