1 Piece vs 3 Piece Slate Pool Tables

What’s the difference between 3 piece slate and a 1 piece slate pool table?
One piece slate tables are built using a single piece of slate while a three piece slate table is divided into three sections. Effectively, the one piece slate table doesn’t have any seams while the three piece slate table has two seams. When leveled properly by a professional installer, the more common 3 piece slate tables are better than their one piece counterparts.

One Piece Slate Tables

Brand new one piece slate tables don’t have any seams to create uneven surfaces that affect the playing surface. You don’t have to worry about the table getting jostled and the seams coming out of alignment.

While this is true, it is also very important to have durable slate because one piece slate can also become uneven due to warping or sag in the middle over time due to the weight. Natural high or low spots in one piece slate can be very hard to remove no matter how much shimming you do, especially on larger tables.

9 Foot Imperial Duke Slate Pool Table

9′ Imperial Duke One Piece Slate Pool Table – $3570.00

Weight is a key difference between one piece and two piece tables. One piece slate tables are much heavier, less flexible, and thus very difficult to move. In contrast, three piece tables divide the weight into three smaller sections that are easier to move.

  • Built using a single piece of slate
  • Seamless playfield
  • Extremely difficult to move
  • Mostly used for coin-op tables found in bars or clubs
  • Sag or warp overtime due to the weight

Three Piece Slate Tables

Three piece slate tables start as a single piece of slate that is then cut into three pieces during the milling process. Three piece slate allow for precision leveling which is why many professional players prefer playing on three piece tables. Each piece can be leveled individually to accommodate uneven playing surfaces like carpet or even wood.

8 Foot Espresso Charles River 3-Piece Slate Pool Table

The 8′ Espresso Charles River 3-Piece Slate Pool Table with Leather Drop Pockets – $1745.99

No matter how perfectly engineered, no floor or table will be 100% level. So you have three elements you’re working to level; the floor, table, and finally the slate. Each of which will flex slightly, even if only by a few millimeters. When you keep all of these things in mind, it’s easy to understand why three piece slate tables are better for leveling.

  • More accurate leveling
  • Easier to move
  • Does not sag over time
  • More common than one piece tables
  • More common in larger tables

So there you have it, three piece slate tables have more benefits than one piece tables. Visit GameTablesOnline.com to check out some pool tables!

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