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8' Mizerak Dakota - Slate Pool Table

8' Mizerak Dakota - Slate Pool Table

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  • Ultimate Stability with Metal Frame and Laminate Cabinet
  • Reinforced Pedestal Legs with Leg Levelers
  • Durability and Playability with Wool Blend Cloth
  • Consistent Rebound with 3-5/8" Rails with K66 Nose Rubber
  • Rail Integrated Pockets with Ball Return System

Product Q&A

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What is the total weight of the table?
Asked by John
The total assembled weight of the table is 675 lbs.
Answered by Staff
Do I have the option to switch the ball return system for drop pockets?
Asked by David
This pool table cannot be customized, it is sold as is with the ball return system.
Answered by Staff
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J.S. Verified Purchase

Oct 13, 2020

Useful specifications:

Total weight: 675 lb
Three 3/4” slate pieces: 150 lb each
Shortest slate width: 31 3/4”
Playing surface dimensions (cushion to cushion): 44” x 88”
Outside dimensions: 55” x 99”
Rail corner caps and corner posts: sturdy metal

I’ve played over 50 games on this table. No issues. Felt is in great shape. Am very happy with this purchase. So, 5/5 stars.

Assembly was done by myself with no assistance. On average, it would take two people to move each slate. Then, based on the instructions, four people would be needed to position the rail assembly on top of the slate. Since I was able to lift a slate piece up/down a single stair step, I proceeded to pivot-walk each slate to the edge of the stairs (wearing gloves and after taping washcloths to the pivot corners). Although assembling the rails upside down away from the table frame is recommended, it wasn’t too difficult to line them up on the frame and work from underneath the table using a ratchet wrench with an extension bar.

Glue is provided for a few slate screw holes and seams. It dries very hard and would make sanding a chore, so I ditched the glue for beeswax. The beeswax was easy to manipulate using a wood burner for melting and a wide putty knife for scraping the surfaces smooth.

The four leveling bases are convenient. To adjust one, I pushed up on the table frame with my back and rotated the leveler base at the leg. The pool table is solid and does not move when leaned on for a shot thanks in part to the design of the four metal leveler bases.

Stretching the felt was easier than expected. Be careful to trim the pocket areas as instructed to avoid having a trim cut show. The ball return system is made of fairly rigid tubes and flow-designed pockets.

Tiny nails secure the plastic pockets. Lack of space requires a small hammer. I used a narrow-nosed hammer (sorry, fingers) but ball-peen may be best. I wish the pockets were engineered for beveled screws instead of nails to facilitate disassembly if needed. However, the nails
hold well and can be placed so the balls don’t strike them and get scratched.

Finally, be certain this company coordinates shipping for off-loading. The delivery truck needs to have a hydraulic lift ramp. The company guaranteed me this would be provided but when the shipper called me to announce the delivery time, they would have used the wrong truck had I not reminded them.