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Aramith Tournament 2 1/4-in. Billiard Ball Set

Aramith Tournament 2 1/4-in. Billiard Ball Set

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The Aramith Tournament Billiard Ball Set is manufactured in Belgium by the world's largest manufacturer of balls. This set features their exclusive Duramith technology that drastically enhances the longevity of the balls while significantly minimizing table wear. Using a new resin formulation and the latest in technology, the Aramith balls now set a new benchmark in quality. Highlighted by the trademarked semi-circle numbering, the Aramith Tournament Set combines top quality and top design to ensure that balls maintain their glossy look, and their rebound and playing consistency. It is easy to see why Aramith ball sets are the logical choice for both the trade and the player.

Product Details:
  • Made with exclusive Duramith Technology that enhances longevity of the balls
  • Made of high quality phenolic resin to ensure quality
  • Exclusive semi-circle numbering
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Ideal for both the trade and the player

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Average customer rating:


VJK Verified Purchase

Nov 17, 2018

Poor first impressions. Of 16 balls over half had scratches. These were not blemishes, scuffs or smears; there was a very acute change in the surface of the ball. I spent a few minutes with a rag and polish but with no improvement.

Fortunately, GTO was prompt and offered an immediate replacement; although I was told "they may be slightly scuffed as well".

Saluc, the manufacturer, offered a different theory: "The pictures provided suggest that the "scratches" are in reality glue lines coming from the velvet-like tray in the box. This may happen very rarely during transportation, depending on the conditions."

Glue lines? From the packaging for $300+ product shipped in the Fall? You have got to be kidding me.

The replacement arrived and the eight-ball had the same issue -- fortunately, it was just the eight-ball. Given the additional information, I spent an hour with rag and polish working the eight ball. There was some improvement! It's not perfect, but it's much better than the state it arrived in.

Other than the one issue, the product appears to be of high quality and I can't wait to play. I am hopeful that the high price point will be justified over years of enjoyment of a product that is built to last. However, the first impressions are concerning, so please be aware before ordering.