Man-Cave Must Haves for Father’s Day

All men, and especially dads, need “me-time.” Often referred to as a “man cave,” a guy needs his own special place where he can unwind after a high-pressure day. He might use the space to zone out, to play a little, or to plug away at his favorite hobbies. After some time for himself, his Zen will be reclaimed. Ultimately, the man of the house will have renewed energy to meet professional challenges, as well as to provide care and attention to the people in his home.

While women’s need for “me-time” is highly chronicled, a British study of 2000 men found that 85% of men admitted that they need their own space too. The study noted, “Whilst the efforts of working mums are well-documented, we forget how much modern men have to do.” The study discussed how men, especially dads, play a much more hands-on role in the home than did men of previous generations. They juggle the daily stresses of work, then come home to help with evening meals and bedtime routines, and everything in between.

A man’s personal turf should be filled with those items that will help him de-stress and rejuvenate. Below are a list of Father’s Day gift ideas sure make any man happy.
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Spacing Guide for Your Pool Table

How Much Space Do You Need for a Pool Table

To jump straight to it, here’s how much space you need for each size spool table:

  • 7 foot pool tables = 13′ x 16′
  • 8 foot pool tables = 13′ 6″ x 17′
  • 8.5 foot pool tables = 18′ x 14′
  • 9 foot pool tables = 18′ 6″ x 14′ 6″

You can find all of these sizes by visiting our website here.

Pool Table Size Min Room Size Actual Playing surface
7 foot 16′ x 13′ 39.5″ x 79″
8 foot 17′ x 13′ 6″ 44″ x 88″
8.5 foot 18′ x 14′ 46″ x 92″
9 foot 18′ 6″ x 14′ 6″ 50″ x 100″

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The Best Air Hockey Glossary |

Watch Closely…

Air hockey is definitely a game of skill, requiring patience, attention, and fast reflexes. The rules of the game are simple enough, meaning that just about anyone can play; but not all will play well. Beginners will have to overcome a learning curve, testing their patience and dedication to reaching a higher level. This air hockey glossary is a great way for a beginner to learn the ropes.

Start at the Very Beginning

Before you try to reach the top of the air hockey food chain, you need to understand some of the basic components of the game. We’ll start by getting familiarized with some terminology.

Air Hockey Table Layout Diagram

Top view of an average air hockey table with colored sections – Own Work (Image under copyright of

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Sports Bar and Pub Pool Survival Guide

No sports bar or pub would be complete without a table for the classic game of pool. Before adding one to your place of business, it’s important to keep table size in mind, ensuring maximum player satisfaction. Taking measurements and laying out plans for your game area will save you time and fuming customer reviews later on.

What’s Available?

The size of a pool table is determined by the area taken up by the area in between the rubber bouncers. Pool tables are typically sold in sizes ranging from 7’-9’, at a 2:1 ratio of length to width. American style games are usually played on larger tables, and British style games on smaller ones.

Professional billiard tournaments are played on 9’ tables, which increase the difficulty and speed of the plays. However, the most popular size among sports bars and pubs are on the lower end; the seven footers. There are two reasons that owners choose this option: price and space. Seven foot tables are usually cheaper than their larger counterparts and free up more space for additional tables or seating.

Seven, Eight, Nine

Though tables are advertised as 7’, 8’, 8.5’, and 9’, the actual dimensions of the playing surfaces are smaller.

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The Best Pool Tables Under $2,000 has the best selection of pool tables under $2,000 for your home or business. These mid-range tables offer affordability, durability, and great playing experience.

1. 7′ Playcraft Silver Knight Pool Table

The sleek and affordable design of all Playcraft Knight pool tables will help bring pool into the modern home. Its 3/4″ – 3-Piece slate system is honed to 1/1000th of an inch, for a crisp, clean roll every time you play. And with 24 billiard cloths to select from, you’ll be able to customize the Silver Knight to your own preference.

Playcraft Silver Knight Pool Table

7′ Playcraft Silver Knight Pool Table – $1,240.00 with Free Shipping

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How Much Does a Pool Table Cost?

The Pool Table Price Guide

Wondering how much a pool table costs? You’ll find that prices vary greatly, depending usually on the materials used to put it together. But what makes one table $1,000 and another $10,000? When you’re browsing through catalogues or visiting a billiards shop, follow these points so you know how much you can expect to pay when you’re shopping for a pool table.

Pool table 3 ball

Photography by JuaneDC

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How to Assemble a Pool Table

Like changing the felt on a billiards table, assembling a pool table is commonly thought of as work best left to professionals. While a professional may have more experience putting together and leveling tables, the average DIYer can put together a pull table with a little know how. Assembling a pool table is not difficult and the average person should be able to complete the assembly within 2-4 hours time from start to finish.


Photography by Julien Dumont

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4 Ways to Rack a Pool Table

Let us set a scene for you: You’ve got brand-new pool table and you’ve got friends to play billiards with. One problem though… you have no idea how to set up the balls. Well set the drink down — but not on the pool table; we wouldn’t want to ruin the cloth — because we’ll let you in on how to rack a pool table correctly.

How to Rack a Pool Table

Photography by Juanedc

How to Rack a Standard 8-Ball Game

Basic rules: Eight ball is played with fifteen numbered object balls and the cue ball. The shooter’s group of seven balls (one through seven or nine through fifteen) must all be off the table before the attempt to pocket the eight ball to win. Shots are called.

  1. Grab the rack and set it down on the pool table. It’s also called a triangle. (Because it’s in the shape of a triangle. Go figure.)
  2. Get a ball and put it at the tip of the rack. Or the apex, if you want to get technical.
  3. Make sure the 8-ball is in the center of the rack. Middle of the third row. It’s the first ball directly below the apex ball.
  4. Put a stripe and a solid at the bottom corners. It doesn’t matter which goes where, as long as you’ve got one of both.
  5. Place all the other balls at random. As long as you follow rules 3 and 4, all other balls can be in random fashion. Make sure not to put it in any intentional pattern.
  6. The balls need to be racked as tightly as possible. It’ll break better this way.
  7. The apex ball goes on the foot spot. It’s the spot on the pool table designated to guide the positioning of the rack.

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How To Pick a Pool Table for Your Family

Selecting a pool table that’s ideal for your home requires planning and measuring. A table perfect for one person’s man cave may not look as great in your game room, and vice versa. If you have a family, there are specific qualities you have to think about, so you can pick out a product that will last through some roughhousing and beatings.

Little Girl Playing Pool

Photography by USARJ NCO CORPS (CC)

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